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Enjoy these free, quality virtual webinar events. Learn about best practices and the latest technologies and techniques in virtual learning, eMarketing, online events, and more.

Training for Adobe Connect

Learn it Live!

Join us in a Adobe Connect Meeting room and learn from one of our live instructors. Each session is a little different but over the course of a week you will become an Adobe Connect power user. Whether you want to hold one great meeting or put on webinars for clients worldwide, if a live classroom environment is how you like to learn, this is the event for you.


All sessions start at 10am PT.

On-Demand Events

Don’t want to wait for a live event? Check out these pre-recorded on-demand virtual events and start expanding your knowledge today!

Training for Adobe Connect

Powering Up Your Organization through Facilitated Collaboration

Successful webinars depend on more than just software. Leading webcasters are learning that the process behind the tool is just as important. Join us for an educational webinar to learn about a proven webcast methodology from one of the best webcast facilitators in the industry.

Training for Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Plug-In Showcase: Mobilize & Monetize Your Content with inteVISTA Go and inteVISTA Sell

Check out this on demand webinar that showcases two awesome new Adobe Connect plug-ins that allow you to monetize your content and provide access to your courses and curricula across any device or platform.

Training for Adobe Connect

Extending the Power of Adobe Connect with Custom Pods

InteSolv offers an extensive line of Adobe Connect Add-Ons and custom pods.

In this recorded webinar, Jacquie Beck, SVP of Training & Development at eSyncTraining demonstrates three really cool Adobe Connect Custom Pods that will get your audience engaged, participating and happily coming back to your online events again and again!

Check out this demonstration of Adobe Connect Add-On Pods: EchoSign Pod, EduGameCloud and Video Pod.

Training for Adobe Connect

Point of Engagement: How BYOD is Permanently Changing Corporate Events

What do you do when every employee, customer and prospect that touches your brand has a smart device and a short attention span?

Called the “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” movement, smart devices are becoming the dominant point of engagement for almost everyone.

Such is the case for large group events. As millions of participants bring their devices to conferences, workshops, training sessions, etc, organizations, event planners and venues are seeking how to manage – and even harness – the BYOD movement.

Based on 1000s of hours of hands-on experience of working with some of the world’s largest brands, “Point of Engagement” is full of fresh ideas and practical tips.

You’ll learn:

  • 5 surprising statistics on device adoption
  • BYOD and the rise of blended events
  • Preparing your facilitators and presenters for BYOD
  • Winning over your IT staff
  • 3 real-world case studies on BYOD and events

Training for Adobe Connect

Discover the Difference: Adobe Connect

Not all web conferencing tools are created equal. Join us to learn how WebEx, Lync, GoToMeeting, and others compare to Adobe Connect for online meetings, training, and webinars on topics like engaging features, customizability, ease-of-use, and more.

You’ll discover:

  • More engaging and interactive features
  • The flexibility of complete customizability
  • Accessibility from virtually any device
  • Persistency of both design and content
  • Security features stringent enough for the U.S. Department of Defense