Webinars: They're Not Just for Leads Anymore

Webinars are an important online channel that marketers are using to effectively engage and support customers throughout their buying journey at multiple stages.

Adobe teamed up with the Content Marketing Institute to find out why and how webinars are being used by the most successful marketers out there today.

Key takeaways from the study:

  • Successful marketers are finding new uses for webinars near the top of the marketing funnel in areas of thought leadership, contact acquisition and customer relationship building
  • Marketers having success with webinars are using them throughout the entire customer engagement cycle in varying ways
  • Success with webinars is largely dependent on a thoughtful and documented webinar program strategy
  • An expanded vision and implementation of webinars is proving to provide a greater ROI and cost-effectiveness for marketers
  • Marketers who have broadened their use of webinars have less trouble attracting an audience – rather their bigger challenge is generating enough content or securing quality speakers

The full report is quite insightful. We think you’ll enjoy the read!
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In the report, CMI cited both Sirius Decisions and Forrester Research regarding online customer engagement:

According to Sirius Decisions, business buyers now go through 67% of their buying process by consuming content online.

Forrester Research finds that buyers may be anywhere from “two-thirds to 90% of the way through their journey before they ever reach out to the vendor.”

Clearly the importance of content that engages, enriches, and creates value for these buyers before they become leads has never been more apparent.

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