inteVISTA Releases a Mobile Training Solution for Adobe Connect

inteVISTA Go is a service for Adobe Connect that allows users to provide access to their Adobe Connect learning courses, curricula and meetings across any device and platform. It is offered as one of the Instant-On line of products from inteVISTA.

We think this product is super exciting because it deploys so quickly and easily.  Plus it looks really awesome across all devices, ensuring a great user experience for your Adobe Connect learners.  Ultimately, you reach your audience everywhere and look good doing it.

Administrators will love that inteVISTA Go preserves the full architecture of their Adobe Connect curriculum, including content order, completion requirements, prerequisites and test outs.

It’s content aware, meaning you can know at a glance if your content is ready for mobile consumption. If your content is not mobile ready, the folks at inteVISTA can provide guidance for converting your content so it’s mobile ready, or they offer services for converting it for you.

Finally, we love that inteVISTA Go picks up your branding, so it seamlessly integrates with the look and feel of your site.  And when your site changes, inteVISTA Go changes with you. No updates needed!

Want to know more? Check out this 5 minute video overview:

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inteVISTA Go is a software plugin for Adobe Connect that allows you to provide access to your Adobe Connect Learning courses and curriculum across any device and platform. Click the button to learn more.
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