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First, it is important to take a fresh look at driving effortless engagement with your audio program.

Audio conferencing is often reduced to being a commodity purchase in an organization.  It’s no secret that volume purchases and term contracts will always get you better audio conference pricing but the real purpose behind an audio solution is even more straightforward – To create an effortless engagement experience across your organization.

This website deals primarily with Adobe Connect related matters. When it comes to audio for Adobe Connect the first thing you look for is an integrated service. That automatically limits the field of providers. If you already have a provider that meets this criteria, you may be in good shape. However, not all providers have similar quality and pricing. As a result, it makes sense to do some investigation. We have found that the question raised by the need for an audio conference provider often leads to organizational savings.

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Where to Buy Audio

InteSolv is not a reseller of Audio. However, we would certainly know which provider works best for you and provide the proper introduction.

Each provider differs by audio offering and applications they cover (e.g. Adobe Connect, WeBex, Skype for Business, etc.).

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