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We provide a one stop audio conferencing and web collaboration resource whereby we have vetted the best platforms, become experts in their integration, and know the magic of how to use the medium to drive better engagement.

How many minutes do I need?

Good question! It all depends on what you need to do to get the job done.

We’ve included a few enterprise use cases to illustrate how minutes can add up.If you don’t host very many calls or are just getting started we can get you into a right sized solution with the same audio technologies on any budget.

  • Your trainer delivers a 2hr, highly interactive, virtual classroom session twice a week with 5 people in each session. That is 8 sessions per month X 2 hours X 60 minutes X 5 people = 4800 minutes.   


  • A marketer delivers a product review webinar 4 times per month for 60 minutes and typically has 80 people join with 50% joining via and 50% join via the provided bridge number. That is 4 sessions X 60 minutes X 80 attendees X 50% on Toll based dial-out/call-in = 9,600 minutes.


  • A salesperson calls prospects and jumps onto 3 (1) hour conference bridge calls per day with 3 people. That is 22 days X 3 calls X 60 minutes X 3 people = 11,880 minutes.    (We’ve also got some best practice recommendations for this salesperson to reduce minutes and cost but that’s another story)


The point is…we’ve got bundles and discounts to handle every need!

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Related Services

See how InteSolv can further extend your eLearning, eMarketing and Web Conferencing solutions with the following professional services:

Accelerate your eLearning initiative with expert content authoring services from InteSolv. From ground up content development to presentation remastering, InteSolv brings a technical and creative team that will script, develop, record and produce your total eLearning solution, bringing it to life.

InteSolv offers comprehensive content authoring services covering:

  • Custom content to fit your organization.Course structure and design
  • Learning objective development
  • Content research, writing and editing
  • Quiz/exam development
  • Flash-based interaction writing and design
  • Survey/evaluation question writing
  • Course quality assurance
  • Photography capture and editing
  • Graphic design
  • Game and simulation design
  • Audio and video production and editing
  • Client user experience evaluation
  • Custom portal skinning
  • Multi-language voice-over and translation

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Launch your webinar series with help from the InteSolv event services team. From event planning to providing a technical event shadow, our team can ensure that your prospects and existing clients obtain the greatest experience possible for the highest level of return for your company.

InteSolv offers comprehensive web event services covering:

  • We can handle all your online event needs.Event planning and consultation
  • Custom event registration pages
  • seminar room setup and audio provisioning
  • Training and coaching of your presenters
  • Custom communications
  • Campaign reporting
  • Practice sessions
  • Event recording and editing

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25 Combined Years. 100’s of Training’s. 1000’s of Customers.

InteSolv’s Enablement Services Team has a combined 25+ years of extensive Adobe software expertise including hundreds of implementation and training engagements, and helping thousands of customers. Let our experts help you get the most out of your solution. InteSolv provides training offerings for:

  • Getting up to speed.Adobe Connect
  • Adobe Presenter
  • Adobe Captivate
  • inteVISTA LMS

Choose from a variety of Professional Service offering options, such as:

  • Remote or onsite installation
  • Online instructor led training
  • On-site instructor led training
  • Training at an InteSolv strategic training center

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Bring people together with the right IT solution. InteSolv customized platform management solutions help optimize your technology platform for your eLearning, eMarketing, web collaboration and/or event management software.

InteSolv platform management offerings:

  • Leave it to us.Accelerate time to market by bringing your solution to life
  • Relieve strain on existing IT resources
  • Take external user bandwidth usage off of your internal infrastructure
  • Priced to be economically advantageous

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InteSolv’s Application and Product Development team can align with your organization to collaborate on custom software solutions that fit your needs to an exact measure. Whether it’s developing, re-architecting, creating middleware or web services, or migrating your mission-critical applications, InteSolv’s software development expertise creates a powerful and cost-effective option resource:

  • Web & Mobile.Net and Ajax based development
  • iOS and Android mobile application development
  • Adobe Connect custom pod development
  • eCommerce website development
  • Multi-language portals
  • Custom AIR applications
  • Business Application Integration
  • Site Catalyst Integration
  • Custom portal skinning
  • Enterprise experience, quality, innovation

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