Introducing the last LMS you’ll ever need

inteVISTA LMS for Adobe Connect

inteVISTA LMS is a content delivery platform (SaaS) that uses Brand Inheritance technology and a powerful Integration Framework to deliver blended learning content that looks how you look and provides a seamless user experience.

Organizations are using inteVISTA LMS for…

Key Features

Preserve Your Look and Feel
without involving your IT department. inteVISTA LMS inherits your branding with one line of code.

Give Users a Seamless Experience
by bringing all of your content from different sources together into a single user experience.

Monetize Your Learning
with built in eCommerce capabilities.

Allow Learning on the Go
with mobile enabled responsiveness.

Let Users Know What They’re Missing
with content contextualization. Follow a learning path, search or stumble upon relevant learning opportunities.

Give Users the Power to Find Answers,
learning activities and resources with our powerful search capabilities.

Recognize Achievement
with built-in certificates, continuing education units, points, badges and awards.

Who Loves inteVISTA LMS?

Marketing and brand managers

Marketing & Brand Managers

…love that inteVISTA inherits the branding, look and feel of their website.

And when you’re ready to change things up, inteVISTA LMS changes right along with you. Since inteVISTA LMS is injected directly into your website, it inherits your branding and coding, so it always looks how you look.


Content & Learning Managers

…love that inteVISTA pulls content from all locations into one easy-to-navigate portal.

inteVISTA LMS allows you to deliver blended learning content from multiple sources through one easy-to organize and navigate portal.

Content and Learning Managers

IT Professionals

IT Professionals

…get excited about inteVISTA LMS’s seamless integration and low-maintenance set up.

One line of code is all it takes to inject inteVISTA LMS right into your website.


End Users

…appreciate the single sign on and seamless user experience that inteVISTA LMS provides.

Whether in the office or on the go with mobile, users are able to access searchable content on demand, so they can find exactly what they’re looking for right when they’re ready to consume it.

End Users

Learning Business Owners & Managers

Learning Business Owners & Managers

…are pysched that there’s such a simple and straightforward way to monetize their intellectual property.

Pulling content from different sources and driving revenue streams from that content has never been easier.

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