InteSolv online events webinars

InteSolv online events webinars

InteSolv online events webinars

Con·ver·sion·ol·o·gist (noun) : a person learned in the science of conversion 

Here at InteSolv, we’re experts in the science of conversion. We combine the science of online events (facts and trends) with experience (tested methods and an understanding of the best platforms) to deliver the bottom-line results you’re looking for.

InteSolv online events webinars

So whether you’re ready to jump into online events for the first time, or you’re wanting to improve or expand your existing program, we’re here to help you…


The science behind online event success

Innovate — We bring the best platforms, the latest technology and the very best team to help you deliver your message flawlessly.

Engage — We help you really connect with your audience, letting them see you as the thought leader or subject matter expert that you are.

Measure — We use real time reporting and analytics to help you connect with people best.

Convert — This is it. This is what it’s all about. We help you make your moment matter and reach your goals.

InteSolv brings it all together to deliver the bottom-line results you’re looking for.


Why host an online event?

For eMarketing, webinars are the #1 marketing tactic for moving leads through the funnel. 62% of marketers are already using webinars for content marketing. Use webinars for demand generation, a product launch or partner marketing, just to name a few.

For eLearning, webinars are an impactful way to reach and teach your audience virtually. We offer great platforms that allow you to add interactivity, video, graphics and collaboration to enhance engagement and learning.

For web collaboration, webinars are a cost effective way to  streamline business processes and allow your worldwide workforce to connect.

Whether you’re looking to host a webinar for eMarketing, eLearning or Web Collaboration…

InteSolv has the platforms, people and knowledge to help you reach your goals. 


What Our Clients Say

The InteSolv support team provides flawless execution and support, so we can focus our efforts on delivering a great webinar presentation to our customers. We have been pleased with the level of professionalism, flexibility, and eagerness to assist in making our events a success!
Online Marketing Specialist, Global Bio Medical Technology Company
Your entire organization is world class and I’m proud to say that I brought you into the vendor mix here…Keep up the good work.
Channel Training & Support Manager, a Technology Firm
Intesolv’s team possesses all of the components for success—professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail. We look forward to working on further endeavors with them in the future.
Event Operations Manager, Environmental Think Tank
InteSolv’s performance was hands-down the best I have ever dealt with even throughout my 14 years in the business.
Training & Professional Development Manager, an Industrial Engineering Firm
I have been very impressed and very satisfied with the work Intesolv has provided…and I look forward to a long partnership with them in the future.
Global Director of Sales and Marketing, a Business Consulting Firm
Through their thorough and detail oriented approach to online webinar management, InteSolv has helped us provide our customers with a smooth webinar experience. Their support allows us to focus on the content and the message while they manage the technical details.
Director of Marketing, Global Cloud Software company


Online Event Solutions

Webinars are one of the top 3 most effective marketing tactics.* But not just any old web collaboration platform will do. Make the most out of your online delivery with immersive technology and engaging features. Let us help make webinars part of your marketing mix!

  • Immersive platforms
  • Event registration tools
  • Audience engagement tools
  • Real time reporting and analytics

Increase attendance for your physical event by opening them up to a virtual audience. 72% of virtual attendees are more likely consider physical attendance next time. Greater reach and post-event connection means more potential opportunities. Let us show you how!

  • Virtual lobbies
  • Live streaming
  • Session recordings
  • Audience engagement tools

Planning an online event? Let us do the heavy lifting! We can manage every aspect of your online event from platform setup to live delivery shadow, ensuring your audience gets the best experience possible and you receive the greatest return on your investment.

  • Pre-event preparation and coaching
  • Content refinement
  • Live event delivery
  • Post-event reporting and analytics


*2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks-North America: CMI/MarketingProfs


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