Ready to improve your content marketing strategy?

Incorporating webinars is the second most effective content marketing tactic according to Content Marketing Institute’s most recent survey finding

Discover how to deliver immersive content experiences.

Webinars should allow content marketers to deliver content in a dynamic, memorable, and interactive way. Some solutions make this impossible.

Discover how Adobe Connect’s powerful webinar technology can improve your content marketing results by providing immersive content experiences to your target audiences.

Adobe Connect Webinars offers a flexible and customizable platform that is easy to use and easy to access for attendees.

View this 45 minute on-demand virtual tour to discover:

  • Powerful interactive tools to deeply engage your audience
  • Behavior tracking for lead scoring
  • Immersive content delivery leading to memorable experiences
  • Total branding and customization capabilities
  • Webinar room and content library persistency
  • Easy access from virtually any device

Presenter: Dave Walker
Dave Walker is an 20 year veteran of InteSolv. He is nationally recognized as one of the country’s foremost experts on Adobe Connect, Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate. Also known as The Connect Guru, Dave provides instructional and entertaining video for the InteSolv YouTube channel, writes blog articles about current trending topics and maintains a Twitter feed for sharing information with others about online events, eLearning and web collaboration.

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On-Demand Webinar: Virtual Tour of Adobe Connect Webinars for Content Marketing