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Virtual Tour of Adobe Connect Webinars for Content Marketing [On Demand]

Ready to improve your content marketing strategy? Incorporating webinars is the second most effective content marketing tactic according to Content Marketing Institute's most recent survey finding.  Discover how to deliver immersive content experiences. Webinars should allow content marketers to deliver content in a dynamic, memorable, and interactive way. Some solutions make this impossible. Discover how [...]

Free Monthly Adobe Connect Jumpstart Training

  Are you getting to most out of Adobe Connect? Could you use an overview or a refresh? Adobe Connect expert Dave Walker (aka. @TheConnectGuru) is hosting a FREE Adobe Connect Jumpstart Training Course!  When: The last Friday of every month at 9:00am PT  Here's a look at some of the things you'll learn: Administration overview  Managing [...]

Handling Webinar Recordings with Adobe Connect Events

When you use Connect Events to hold a webinar you will often want to make the recording available after the event. You could just move your recording to the Content Library, allow public viewing and distribute the url, but then you don’t really know who viewed it. Or you could do the same thing but [...]

Adding Media to Your Lobby in Adobe Connect

In my role here at InteSolv I conduct a lot of training webinars for Adobe and for ourselves. One of the things I like to do in my webinars is set up a lobby with some kind of music and maybe some looping content that plays until the presentation begins. This serves two purposes. First, [...]

Changing the Way the Cursor is Displayed for Screen Sharing in Adobe Connect

Once upon a time, in an Adobe Connect version long gone, there was only one choice for the screen share cursor. It was this large, very visible cursor. This is great for many applications because the participants can’t confuse this cursor with their own cursor. However, what if you are conducting training on how to [...]