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Virtual Tour of Adobe Connect Webinars for Content Marketing [On Demand]

Ready to improve your content marketing strategy? Incorporating webinars is the second most effective content marketing tactic according to Content Marketing Institute's most recent survey finding.  Discover how to deliver immersive content experiences. Webinars should allow content marketers to deliver content in a dynamic, memorable, and interactive way. Some solutions make this impossible. Discover how [...]

Adobe Connect Webinar: Mobilize & Monetize Your Content – On Demand Webinar

Have you ever wondered what could be possible if your content was available anywhere on any device? What about if you could monetize that content and turn your knowledge into a revenue stream? It’s all possible with a couple of instant-on applications for Adobe Connect! Join Adobe, InteSolv, and Carahsoft on Wednesday, November 19th at 1:00 pm [...]

Brick & Mortar to Virtual :: How One Company Took Their Conference Online [Case Study]

By taking what had historically been a physical, brick and mortar conference and delivering it virtually, SEDL was able to use their budget more effectively, make their event more accessible, and reach a larger audience. The Challenge With budget cuts and the state of future funding unclear, SEDL, a nonprofit education research, development, and dissemination [...]

Electronic signatures with Adobe EchoSign now available within Adobe Connect

New E-Signing Pod for Adobe Connect enables live document signing within your online meetings Original post from Adobe Connect's blog. We’re excited to announce a powerful new integration between the Adobe Connect web conferencing platform and EchoSign, Adobe’s electronic signature solution, developed by eSync Training, an Adobe Connect authorized training partner and developer. One of the [...]

Webinars for Content Marketing

Using webinars for content marketing isn't a new phenomenon, but they continue to gain in popularity as the benefits are demonstrated time and time again. In a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, we see a marked increase in recent years in the use of webinars as a tactic to deliver B2B content. Additionally, marketers [...]